Model DT-10 Air Press

DT-10 Air Press
This bench-top air press is equipped with electronic digital dwell timers and parts counter! The model DT-10 shown above (in different view angles) is capable of up to 1400 lbs. of force (Lower force models also available). "NEW!" Now equiped with HMI/Graphic controller. These modular designed presses are also available without the base (LB Models) for use in custom systems. Actuator/thruster (LT Models) available without stand or base for remote/tight locations.


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Power requirements:
Current draw:
Less than 1 amp
Pneumatic requirements:
Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG
(690 kPa)
Maximum Force on part
@ 100 PSIG
1400 lbs (635kg)
Air Consumption
in CFM at 5 CPM:
1.76 CFM at full stroke of 4.9”
Stroke Length
4.9” (125mm)
Head Height Clearance
5.5”- 26.5”  (140-673mm)
Throat Depth
6” (152mm)
210 lbs (95kg)
Ambient Temperature
41-122 F (5-50C)

*Specifications subject to change without notice. All rights reserved.


Available Options:

Velocity/Depth Control (VCU Unit)

Velocity/Depth Control (VCU Unit)
Velocity and Depth Control Unit (VCU) provides more precise control for head speed and final stroke distance. Two models available with long and short stroke options.

Parts Counter

Parts Counter
Keep track of the number of cycles performed resettable

Slide Table

Slide Table
Load parts “Out and Away” from pressing area. Makes assembly easy!

Quick Change Head Assembly

Quick Change Head Assembly
Change tools rapidly and precisely with precision dovetails and gibs.

Shank Mount Adaptor

Shank Mount Adaptor
¾” diameter industry standard shanks for mounting die sets, mandrels or other tooling onto.

Zero Force Opto-Palm Buttons

Zero Force Opto-Palm Buttons
Reduce operator fatigue and help prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with this option.

Leveling Squaring Base Sub-Plate

Leveling Squaring Base Sub-Plate
Use this fully adjustable base sub-plate to square up your fixture to the upper tooling to ensure parallelism between both upper and lower tooling.